Yahoo dating scammers

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All of a sudden money is needed to bail a relative out of jail, or to pay for expensive medicine for a sick child or parent.

The money has to be sent to a third party in most cases, even though it defies logic to send money to someone else so that they can transfer it to the person you’ve met online.

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Though they’ll never meet in person, or chat on the phone for that matter, they can manufacture pictures that prove that they’re traveling abroad or are stuck on deployment.Yahoo Boys would start conversations with strangers, casting out their lines to see if any victims took the bait. Though it might sound odd to form a generalization about scammers based upon a single country, the simple fact is that internet cafes are widely available in Nigeria and Yahoo Boys often create and sell the “scripts” they use to lure victims to other scammers to make money.When victims end up going to the authorities, if their cases are investigated they often show that the scammer’s IP address originates in Nigeria.Until companies like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can stop the creation of fake user profiles, they’re essentially handing the Yahoo Boys the vehicle they need to run their scams.To help the users of this site we have partnered with Been Verified so you can check exactly that.

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