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I have, as of writing this, self-induced much mirth saying that out loud a dozen or so times, and I feel like I've just gotten started.It's like you're answering the question: "What's your favorite stellar object?

But wait, is this how goats work, or is Amazingly, the correct pronunciation, at risk of sounding white[r] and nerd[ier], seems to be /muːˈdɒkən/, moo-DUCK-n.

This combines a load of old and new insights and wipes blood-drenched floors with its competition. BLINDING NEWS FLASHPrompted by a forum enquiry, after some ponderation we've decided that Analogue's awesomely accurate mimic consoles are A-OK on SDA!

This comes with a few basic caveats, mainly just being careful in case there are any leftover bugs that change the games' behaviour, and helping us by showing the Buffer Mode settings and firmware version before or after your runs.

The three kinds of consoles Analogue produces or produced are the NT Mini (NES and Famicom), the Super NT (SNES and Super Famicom) and the Mega SG (Mega Drive/Genesis, Sega CD, Master System and Game Gear).

They're not exactly cheap but do come seriously close to the real things, each of them, with luxury options to tinker with.

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