Wow armory not updating 2016

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Over this time almost all of the models were previewed to players in the Artcraft blog series, and many underwent significant revisions, both in response to player feedback, and due to being "works in progress".

The revamp saw extensive concern and complaint from players at the prospect of having the appearance of their much-loved characters changed so drastically, and with no guarantees that they would like the results.

However, they don't want to put something in the game that feels like a betrayal to a character that you've had for years, so they're proceeding carefully.

We recognize the issue with old models wearing shiny new gear and questing in brand new or updated zones, and even though we have mentioned this before, it can do no harm to repeat that this is definitely on the list of things we would like to do.

It was initially planned to update the models over the full course of the expansion, with races being updated one at a time.

It was not until September, around a month before the models were implemented, that it was revealed that Warlords would see players able to adjust their faces in the barbershop, something that had not previously been possible.

Updates to the goblin and worgen models were announced as planned in late 2014, but have not yet taken place.

The updated goblin and worgen models where shown at Blizz Con 2018 and are slated as a patch 8.2.5 feature.

Because Warlords of Draenor takes players back to the homeland of the orcs—one of Wo W's original playable races—it felt like a great time to update not just the orcs, but other playable races that could use a refresh.

We know that many of you already strongly identify with the look of your current character, so we’re dedicating a lot of time and resources to make sure these updates capture each race’s iconic identity and personality.

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