Wife killed after updating facebook

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“They took her out, offered her a sedative-laced drink and pushed her off a cliff in Pokhra itself,” the IG told reporters.

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Beas told police that she had been temporarily blinded by the sun at the time of the collision. Cabrales is asking for an unspecified amount of money.However, she remained in touch with Dr Singh, say police.Quoting Dr Singh, they also say that she was pressuring him to transfer the ownership of Shahapur house in her name.GORAKHPUR: A well-known surgeon of Gorakhpur, Dr Dharmendra Pratap Singh, allegedly murdered his ex-wife Rakhi Srivastava aka Rajeshwari by pushing her off a cliff at Pokhra in Nepal, but kept her virtually alive for seven months through a ruse that she was in Assam.He kept updating her social media account before the case unfolded.

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