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The following statements are of traditional Wiccan laws.

No one may tell any not of the Craft who be of the Wica. We will not reveal your religious and spiritual leanings to anyone without your express permission. No one may do or say anything which will endanger any of the Craft, or bring them in contact with the law of the land.

During which time he has given workshops and lectures, designed and led public ritual and been a spokesperson for Paganism in the Kingston community. What we teach is a tradition, it is not the only valid way of living. Soft of eye, light of touch, speak ye little, listen much. We are compassionate and accepting of the disposition of others.

Our mission is to foster a positive, healthy and fruitful Wiccan community in our home city, Kingston, Ontario. When ye have and hold a need, harken not to others greed. We do not make money through any of our activities.

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She was born in Kingston, and became a permanent resident in 1987. Over the many years, she has given workshops and taught courses on Wicca.

Our Private Online Community offers a safe place where curious folk can learn more about Wicca and discuss their experiences without risk of social stigma. It is an open and public meeting where you can come to meet other Wiccans and to learn about our traditions. We will only seek to break even so that we can continue to serve the community's needs.

With a fool no season spend, nor be counted as his friend.

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Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.

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