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Since the installation of Creators Update (V1703), Microsoft Edge stopped opening PDF files.I tried resetting default apps, but that did not help.If I add alerts/consoles to the js files I'm debugging, they show up on i Pad and desktop, but the i Phone just keeps reloading from the cache.If I clear the cache through and in Safari delete all bookmarks and remove the files on the server, i Pad and desktop break (missing files) but the i Phone still loads the page as if nothing happened. If I start an appliction through the icon the cache seems cleared. I'm using Require JS and Jquery Mobile on the site, so these may also be reasons for the cache not clearing.Nevertheless, there may be other causes, such as Edge cache or malware infection.

I tried to open the same files on Firefox and everything went fine. versions like 7, 8 or 8.1 did not have a pre-installed default PDF viewer.

Additionally, you should clear Edge browsing history.

If none of these steps helped to Fix Edge Not Opening PDF Files, check if the PDF file you opt for opening is not damaged.

Since Windows 10 release, people don’t necessarily have to install a third-party tool for viewing PDF files because the PDF viewing feature has been mounted in Microsoft Edge.

Therefore, upon Windows 10 installation, Microsoft Edge not only appears as a default Internet browser but also as a default PDF viewer.

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