Why am i intimidating dads against daughters dating contract

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"When you're quick to speak your mind, and expect the same from others, your personality can come off as aggressive by people." While this definitely isn't a bad thing, taking time to assess whether the people around you are particularly quiet or sensitive may help you avoid this misunderstanding.

Body language says a lot in conversation, whether it's just you and a friend talking, or if you're interacting with a whole group.Coming across as intimidating can largely be connected to what kind of communication feels most natural to you."Individuals who are extroverts, who [have] Attention Deficit Disorder, who have grown up in very verbal families, who work in environments where verbal intimidation is commonplace, all [can] develop styles of communication that can be seen by others as intimidating," Joshua Klapow, Ph. clinical psychologist and host of The Kurre and Klapow Show, tells Bustle.You know your own mind and you aren’t easily swayed by others.You enjoy discussing matters of significance with people and are competent in debating your case.

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