Who is ray boltz dating

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Ray Boltz In 2008, Christian Contemporary singer Ray Boltz announced he was gay, and with his wife's blessing, he was going to pursue life as a gay male....which he has been doing since, all the while claiming to still be a Christian.Given the amount of conservative Christians who ignored Donald Trump's promise to further gay rights and his waving of a gay rainbow flag saying "LGBQT for Trump", maybe there are more conservatives starting to consider it not a big deal. I have said it before, and I'll say it again: it is torture growing up in the church, sitting in the pew and carrying this secret struggle.There are some churches where a person with SSA would be ostracized and/or asked to leave the church - it has happened.His music has taken on gay themes, and he often performs in gay affirming churches and venues.He believes since he prayed so long for God to take away his attractions for other males, then God is OK with him being gay.....Are you the type of Christian that a person dealing with SSA would approach to confide in without fear, or would you be on their list of "no way"?

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His pastor promised to pray for him, and they parted ways. My heart breaks for him and others like him who have been hurt by Christians and the church.

Instead of giving in to the blackmail attempt, Kirk went to the FBI and the result was the world found out his secret.

His CDs were immediately pulled from Christian bookstore shelves, and he went through a living hell.

I enjoy the music, especially his Christmas CD, and I see no reason to throw out what he recorded before he walked away from God to live for his own desires. I had gotten rid of my CDs of him long before the news came out about him..... Some people sound better in a group than solo :) - but if I had still had any, it also would not have caused me to throw them out. I know what it is like to have my secret told to others, and looking back it did come as a result of what some would call a blackmail attempt.(Yes, seriously) I also know what it is like to pray for years for desires and attractions to go away that I didn't ask for or sign up for.

There are a couple of extremes in the church today regarding this issue.

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