Who is david brooks dating

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, David Brooks, recently wed his former researcher assistant, Anne Snyder, who is 23 years younger than he is.Old dude trades in first wife for younger model, not exactly breaking news here. “WASPy upscale suburbs were suddenly dotted with arty coffeehouses where people drank little European coffees and listened to alternative music.

It comes pretty close to predicting the ascent in American culture of urban styles and values and the universalized taste of Airbnb.Suddenly massive corporations like Microsoft and the Gap were on the scene citing Gandhi and Jack Kerouac in their advertisements.And the status rules seemed to be turned upside down.“It was like suddenly everything was illuminated, and I became aware of an infinite depth on each of these thousands of people. While attending the Aspen Ideas Festival, he hiked to the edge of American Lake, pulled out a book of Puritan prayers, and had a transcendent experience buttressed by the appearance of a “little brown creature who looked like a badger.” He eventually realized that he was in love with Snyder and confessed his love to her.They were living souls,” Brooks writes in his new book, “The Second Mountain.” “Suddenly it seemed like the most vivid part of reality was this: Souls waking up in the morning. (Eventually, they married; this, presumably, is what Alexander Portnoy’s parents so feared.) In the last third of the book, Brooks describes an interesting and irregular progress toward New Testament ideals, and, by the end, he sounds like a Christian, even if he isn’t quite ready to describe himself as one.

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