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It was a huge hit on the internet, and there were more than 100 thousand downloads within the first 90 minutes of its release.

In 2006, Wale signed a contract with a local label called ‘Studio 43’ and released his track ‘Dig Dug.’ The single became the most-requested number by any local artist in Washington DC that year.We advocate for responsible whale watching and promote companies who are respectful of these cherished marine mammals along with the seas and oceans they inhabit.Whale watching operators from around the world use experienced guides and highly trained naturalists to educate passengers about the specific whales species they are seeing and at the same time provide a memorable and unique experience for guests of all ages.He was also featured in the magazine ‘The Source.’‘Dig Dug’ was featured in his first mixtape, ‘Paint a Picture.’ This was followed by his second mixtape, ‘Hate is the New Love,’ which featured his hit numbers ‘Breakdown’ and ‘Uptown Roamers.’His initial success brought him the ‘DC Metro Breakthrough Artist of the Year’ award at the ‘WKY’s Go-Go Awards’ ceremony in 2006.He was also featured in the March 2007 issue of ‘The Fader,’ a magazine that is considered to be one of the leading periodicals for music, culture, and fashion.

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