Vipre enterprise stuck updating defs

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I think this is a great solution, if you're looking for centrally managed Anti Virus.

You can easily and quickly gather info on which computers need attention, which ones have infections, which ones are clean, and which ones are out of date - as well as connectivity, licensing, and other status info you would want from your Antivirus.

When our Amsterdam office license expires next year on a different antivirus software, we plan to deploy Vipre there as well.

Vipre takes care of antivirus protection for all our devices from mobile laptops, to stationary workstations to our physical as well as virtual servers.

While we use SUS and GPO for major software updates, we use Vipre Endpoint for updates to items such as Flash, Java, and VLC just to name a few. We are using the Advanced Active Protection, Email Protection, Email Alerts, Exception Groups, Patch Management.

This helps with one layer of security to protect our computers.

It doesn't clutter your computer with unnecessary bells and whistles.

It does exactly what is says it will do, performs well, and is accurate. We use VIPRE Endpoint Security to help secure users and their computers. It gives you the ability to have one centralized server to manage all the clients.

It is easy to setup and also very powerful behind the scenes.Protecting against Malware, Spyware, Phishing, etc has to be a multiple levels of protection. Most alerts we receive it has quarantined or blocked issues from happening to our users.Small Shops it's a great tool as you don't have to chase virus around as much. You can use the console to initiate scans on systems remotely so the user doesn't even know you're doing it. We use VIPRE Business Premium across our entire organization.Vipre is clearly a well suited antivirus program both in the professional world as well as in the home environments.Vipre offering the same price per seat to protect the typical personal workstation as well as the robust office server is a major plus.

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