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So really just to show how much v Mix has been successful in the last couple years and how they're really taking a well-earned place in the marketplace here.One of the products I want to throw out a bit of coverage to right now is the Litra Pro LP 1200.

We did make time on Tuesday to attend Rob Reinhardt's lunch session at the Streaming Media Summit and we also attended the Streaming Idiots meetup at the PTZOptics booth. Rather than tell you really what we were looking for in products that we saw and we thought they were unique and innovative.It's four channel multiview monitor, streaming encoder, and recorder. The neat thing for me is that is records to H.264 on SSD.I also like that you can take embedded audio from the four HDMI or the one SDI input or analog XLR or RCA sources. The price on that is really attractive, 99, so a really neat product by Datavideo. It's the four-channel H.264 encoder that instead of one recording output, it records on 5 USB outputs.It supports the full flavor of NDI and not just the more compressed and higher-latency HX version.For 5 you can get the 4K HDMI version, 5 is the 4K 12G-SDI version or for 95, there's actually a 4K QUAD version. All these devices have built-in cross-converter, SFP port for 10G. v Mix GT Title Designer is a feature within v Mix 22.

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