Updating wordpress on godaddy

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Word Press and its plugins and themes are like any other software installed on your computer, or like any other application on your devices.

Word Press is a great CMS and continues to grow in popularity. We all have different needs and Word Press out of the box cannot satisfy all of them. If you use Word Press, chances are that you have installed plugins and themes to satisfy your particular needs.

It improves speed by hosting your Word Press site on multiple data centers around the world which acts as a CDN (content delivery network) and reduces the geographic distance it takes for your content to travel.

You will need to sign up for a free plan, change your nameservers to Cloudflare’s, then tweak a few settings in your Cloudflare dashboard. Sign up for Cloudflare’s free plan add your website, and run the scan.

Well, you are still likely to be concerned about bugs. A bug could be enormous such as preventing users from using a plugin or it could be very small and only concern a certain part of a theme for example.

In some cases, bugs can even be serious security holes.

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