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Recent publications have investigated different RNA degradation pathways that play a role in the production of nc RNA and provide one means of classifying different types of nc RNAs [Nucleosomal stability varies based on the genomic location, and cells exploit these differences to regulate DNA based processes.Access to nucleosomal DNA is also facilitated by the action of chromatin remodeling factors, which are in turn aided by post-translational modifications present on histones [].These histone modifications possess the additional function of either recruiting or repelling nucleosome regulatory factors, thereby affecting the functional outcome.We shall briefly review the distribution of nucleosome organization in relation to the gene structure and its influence on gene expression.(C) Transcription-dependent distribution of H3 K4 and H3 K36 methylation over gene coding regions.Heatmaps also show high levels of histone acetylation and exchange over promoter-proximal regions which anticorrelate with the distribution of H3 K36 trimethylation. In addition, several transcription elongation factors that have been found to control transcriptional output from a given gene, have also been shown to possess the ability to either directly or indirectly influence nucleosome stability [].

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NDRs are generally found just up- and downstream from coding regions.

Expression of nc RNAs is observed only in particular growth conditions, and usually to a lower extent when compared to the m RNA levels of protein-coding genes [ Non-coding RNAs and chromatin organization.

(A) Protein-coding genes are transcribed in the sense direction in order to produce m RNA.

The packaging of eukaryotic DNA into nucleosomal arrays permits cells to tightly regulate and fine-tune gene expression.

The ordered disassembly and reassembly of these nucleosomes allows RNA polymerase II (RNAPII) conditional access to the underlying DNA sequences.

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