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are correct for applications that read from the system certificate store.

For Chrome and Firefox, and probably some others, the certificate must be put in the nssdb, the backend for the Mozilla NSS library.

Some products may use other certificate stores; if you use those products, you'll need to add this CA certificate to those other certificate stores, too.

(Firefox Instructions, Chrome Instructions, Java Instructions) You can verify if this worked by looking for the certificate that you just added in (which is just a long list of all of your trusted CA's concatenated together).

Saved me 5mins of annoying manual entry, and it's fixed for now.

The associated block of code is enclosed in curly brackets, .

The stanza includes a linux16 directive followed by the path to the kernel and an initrd16 directive followed by the path to the initramfs image.

1) Do I need to add a CA root certificate inside a docker image? There is an answer on the askubuntu community on how to do this.

My Docker is working fine, and the Web API runs on the Ubuntu server outside of the container without a problem. The task itself is not specific to docker as you would need to add that CA on a normal system too.

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