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The scoring has been corrected and an updated matrix sent to SNC as an attachment to the consultation response which indicates: Scale of Housing - questions 19 - 22 There are six options – alternate approaches to calculating the scale of housing for each settlement from now until 2029.These were explained at the open evenings and all attendees given the opportunity to vote for their preferred option.For example: to include Malus Field and a part of Shoemaker that was shown outside the current confines. The current consultation focuses on options for: Read more Individuals and other interested parties are invited to submit responses on their own behalf. The text below announced the questionnaire that was used to launch the Parish Plan 2 consultation process and is retained on the website as a record.However, the Parish Council will be completing the questionnaire; the open meetings will give residents the opportunity to learn more about the consultation process and give feedback before the Parish Council response is submitted to SNC. The questionnaire is now closed to further reponses.Two-thirds of people in the village completed the questionnaire.Now an Action Plan of activities has been drawn up to improve those facilities, issues and issues around Little Shelford that need attention.An electronic version of the Little Shelford Parish Plan is attached below.The Action Plan can be found at the end of the Parish Plan document.

You can also email us to put your name down if you might be available to volunteer in some way within the Parish. Finally there are the fixed annual costs of owning a website: The Domain Name carries an annual renewal charge of £7.99 per year plus VAT which we usually manage on a two yearly basis.The Hosting charge covers the cost of the server space where your website is located together with a part payment towards the maintenence of the servers and the associated software installed which manages the DNS server, the website server and the email servers.The recommendations from the sub-committee were tested and challenged by Parish Council with a particular emphasis on ensuring consistency across the three villages.A number of changes to the draft response were requested.

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