Updating intellisense hang

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You no longer need to go outside of the IDE to stash your changes before switching branches in Visual Studio.

Since large part of the development cycle includes stepping through and debugging code, we have worked to bring several improvements to the debugger performance.

In some circumstances, NCB file becomes corrupted and thus the PARSER is unable to proceed resulting HANGS.

Sometimes by deleting the NCB, the problem is resolved. The permanent solution is to find out which part of our code is causing failure.

Visual Studio 2019 introduces an improved debugger for C that uses an external 64-bit process for hosting its memory-intensive components.

For example if we enter three slashes(///), it will automatically add the code comments and may also try to include the elements very similar to the way we add variable in our code.

Supplying XML Code Comments I have encountered a case in which Intellisense was not responding after adding CDATA to XML documentation.

This is an ordinary text file which we can open in Notepad and can identify which part of our code is causing the parser to behave abnormally.

Intellisense is also helpful in generating XML code comments.

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