Updating centos

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The old paradigm of forcing a full reinstallation of the whole operating system and all packages and the headaches that comes with is too old guard for 2014.

Baby steps have been taken to bring this upgrade process into the modern age and, although currently rife with problems and issues, the process has begun.

|samba shared directories selinux |notapplicable | |CUPS Browsing/Browse Poll configuration |notapplicable | |CVS Package Split |notapplicable | ...

Strangely enough, this particular process does nothing other than let you know of problems that might come up during the upgrade.

We have run through this process now about a half dozen times, with varying levels of success, so let’s talk about some of the successes and failures.

Success and Failure Scenarios Again, there are “ways” to get an upgrade done.

I say most of the time because depending on WHAT software you have installed from those standard repositories, various things still fail.

It’s pretty obvious that this is something entirely new for the Cent OS maintainers and like anything else, is going through growing pains.

Having said that, there were always processes you could follow with varying levels of success (based on straying from the official repositories and how customized your setup and package list was).My website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to my visitors. Ads are annoying but they help keep this website running.It is hard to keep the site running and producing new content when so many people block ads.Let’s ignore all this for now and walk through the official process of completing the upgrade. On a freshly installed and then updated to latest version copy of Cent OS 6.5, you run a program that will scan your system and determine what your upgrade status is (called the Preupgrade Assistant).Open a command prompt and type the following to see output similar to what we show below: $ sudo preupg Preupg tool doesn't do the actual upgrade.

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