Unhappy married women chat

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And while those pipe dreams might have nothing to do with your husband, that "grass is always greener" mentality may actually be putting a strain on your relationship.

"When we are focused on the disappointments, which inevitably occur in our lives, rather than the good stuff, it becomes a downward spiral," Weks told me.

So powerful, in fact, many couples forget that being married, or at least having a successful marriage, goes beyond just being in love.

The feeling of being head over heels in love is powerful.

Then reality sets in." For women, it's one thing to realize the challenges that being a great partner actually involves.

The question is, how can we best navigate the sometimes rough waters of marriage, together with our dear husbands?

It also can result in feelings of rejection which can lead to feeling unloved." Monotonous sex can be just as problematic, according to sex coach and speaker Tiffany Yelverton, who founded the sexual wellness company, Entice Me.

"When having sex is the same routine every time, sometimes no one makes a move to change in fear of hurting feelings," she said.

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