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You can get a free 30-day visa if you’re a citizen of a host of countries – including the UK, US, Australia, Canada and Ireland – and extend it for another 30 days during your stay.

You’re probably after something a bit more long-term though – in which case, This can be anyone who lives permanently in the UAE, but if you’re moving for work, it’ll most likely be your company.

The Emirati government reported in 2017 that 91% of men above the age of 15 were employed, compared to just 42% of women.

While the country’s economy is largely reliant on oil, government agencies and construction, tourism is booming – especially in Dubai, which was the world’s fourth-most popular tourism destination in 2018, according to But expats in Abu Dhabi or Dubai have typically come to the UAE to work in accounting, finance or IT – that is, unless you’re working for a multinational company like Microsoft, Astra Zeneca, DHL, Fed Ex, Marriott or Hilton Worldwide, which all have offices in the country.

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If you’re moving for work, you’re probably heading to either Meanwhile, Dubai’s GDP is £83 billion – and when you consider that fact alongside the emirate’s incredible skyline and man-made islands, you can start to understand why Dubai International Airport is the third-busiest in the world.

However appealing these reasons may be, it must be noted that if you’re thinking of making the jump to this Gulf nation, you may be in for a shock.

Homosexuality remains illegal in the UAE, while women may face grave challenges in light of the country’s attitudes towards abortion, rape, and domestic abuse.

Your sponsor will apply for a 30-day residency on your behalf, before extending your stay while you’re in the country.

for some of our most popular journeys from the UK (London), the US (New York), Australia (Sydney) and Canada (Montreal) to Jebel Ali in the UAE.

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