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As you grow to engage and enjoy the various features of Hundr ED, you can spread the word to others and get them to start the process, join Hundr ED.

Make sure to connect with like-minded people in our Community group and build a network of education enthusiasts who believe in the power of innovation.

We believe change only comes from working together and collaborating.

That's why we're actively building a global community of education innovators and passionate educators, to work together and learn from each other to improve education in every corner of the world.

You can find playlists for our WEBnesday lives, Thematic Talks and more than 100 videos by our experts on our Youtube Channel!

Read our previous Teacher Testimonial articles with Nam Ngo Thanh and Global Learning and Katelyn Patterson & Randi Kearney for MUSE School.

Additionally, if you have a project idea of your own and would like us to know, connect and share with Pukhraj Ranjan, our Global Community Manager!

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We invite all passionate, forward-thinking individuals working in education to be Hundr ED Ambassadors and join our Facebook community group!

Hundr ED Ambassadors help us to discover innovations from around the world by letting us know what's going on where they are, and to spread our selected innovations by trying them out in their educational setting or letting others know about them. You can also get more engaged in our community by participating in our Thematic Talks, WEBnesday series of interactive FB lives, local meetups and events.

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