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He was held hostage along with the others until they were rescued by Lieutenant Malcolm Reed.

It was discovered that the monastery was a front for a listening post operated by the Vulcans.

Tucker first joined Starfleet in 2139, at which time he lived in Sausalito, a few blocks from the Vulcan Compound.

He subsequently recalled that he "got into a lot of trouble" at Starfleet Training Command.

Aboard the starship, one of Tucker's self-appointed responsibilities was overseeing movie night.

Tucker took part in the efforts to return the Klingon Klaang to his homeworld with information that could avert a civil war, and he and the rest of the crew came into conflict with the Suliban Cabal, who were attempting to ignite a war on orders from a strange humanoid from the future. (") Tucker was part of the away team that became infected by the pollen of the plant life on a deserted planet Enterprise was exploring.

Velik often reminded his students, "Challenge your preconceptions or they'll challenge you." Tucker went on to associate this advice with his memory of Velik.

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I saw the Great Plume of Agosoria and I saw the ringed moons of Matalas Prime. ( In the final draft script of "Similitude", Tucker was established as having fixed his father's ocean skimmer, pointing out to his father that an out-of-phase suspensor coil had been the reason why the craft hadn't been working properly.

Growing up, he always wanted to be a starship captain, but his father thought he should be an engineer while his mother thought he should be an architect.

( As a child, Tucker read The War of the Worlds with his mother.

He later compared the size of his first car to that of a Retellian escape pod.

(") Trip was self-taught, having learned engineering from working on boat engines.

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