Top dating places in singapore

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Considered in Singapore's most beloved romantic place, the desserts at this place are just out of the world and will fetch you some extra brownie points if your lover has a sweet tooth - the Smoked Chocolate is recommended.

The idea of spending an hour with your love interest amidst nature certainly increases the romance quotient of your date, and there will not be a better place then Bukit Batok Town Park.

This simple yet beautiful spot has several entry points leading to the Boardwalk.In case your partner is an art-enthusiast, then they are in for a treat as The Ritz-Carlton is a proud owner of the 4,200-piece art collection of museum quality with artworks contributed by some of the most famous artists of all times.For a couple looking out for some adventure in Singapore, Universal Studios is a must-visit attraction.With a great history when there were palaces of 14th-century kings, Fort Canning Park offers a treat for the history buffs.The serene vibe on the hilltop or the rich heritage of the artefacts that can be found here, this place can be your secret escapade.

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