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You hit the ball over the net, and then you wait for them to hit the ball.

So, typically what I will do is, after three or four messages, I will say, “I’m not on the dating app very often.

He details how he met a woman in person for their first date, what they did and how the date ended with only a kiss on the cheek.

He also discusses how she contacted him a few days later and he set the second date, what they did on the date and how he set the conditions to seduce her successfully, even though he only got the cheek on their first date.

You have to read the book 10–15 times and practice a lot, because if you tend to have a little success, it can go to your head a little bit.

If your emotions are engaged, you really like this woman and you want it to work out, you start to convince yourself that this woman is the one for you, you start trying harder and you can revert right back to the old kinds of behaviors that lead to you getting ghosted, friendzoned or hearing “I don’t feel there’s a spark” or “I’m not ready for a relationship.” So you’ve got to take the time and prepare. For –8 you can get a cup of coffee or hot cocoa, hang out and see how the conversation goes, because if you’re doing online dating, there’s going to be a chance you’re going to meet women that aren’t going to look as good in person as they do in their picture.

When I went in for a kiss, she turned her head and only kissed me on the cheek, and that ended our date. As you said here, you would have normally blown up her phone, so you typically act over-eager and try to too much, too soon and rush things. The average attractive woman has been out on enough dates with enough guys to know that they like to go slow. Busy, professional women are going to appreciate that, and it will make you stand out from all the needy, insecure jackasses that they’re talking to. Even though you did two or three dates in a really short period, it worked out okay. The higher the woman’s initial level of attraction is for you, the more screw ups you can have and the more you can get away with two or three dates in a short period of time without turning her off completely.

It sounds like you went out for coffee, and you’re calling her the next day. But the less into you she is from the get go, when you start doing this, she starts to view you as just like all the other guys she’s talking to.

I didn’t contact her again until a couple hours before our date on Sunday to give her my address, since I’d told her to meet at my place and we’d drive together.She said it was going to be a nice weekend, and she had no plans.I flexed my masculinity by not asking what she wanted to do, but telling her what I thought we should do, as well as the time and place.You had a definite time and day, but not an address.One thing you can do if you’re worried about getting ghosted or worried about a woman flaking on you is text her the day of the date and tell her you’re going to be a half hour late, you’re a little jammed up and would it be okay to meet an hour later to see how she responds.

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