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Their 'Res-o-glass' bodied guitars, which was a method they used for making lightweight, ultra-stylized and durable bodies out of molded fiberglass, were very 'jet-age' and futuristic and very high quality.

This neck pickup is a killer…single coil Valco made Supro haven’t heard one of these..expect to be impressed…It also has the awesome original Gold Single Line Kluson tuners . I sold this red 1956 one in October 2009 because I had another Supro (a 1954 Supro Comet), and I wanted to diversify a bit.Soon after that I bought a 1960 Fender, a Gretsch (also made by Valco) and a late '40s Rickenbacher. It was pretty much identical except for the fingerboard, as you can see from the photos.Certainly in the 1954 catalogue that I have, the Supreme is described as "glossy rich brown washable plastic finish".Note the fairly ornate tuner buttons on the 1956 models - these are the original Kluson tuners and were in amazing condition on both of my '56 models. Also note the original screw-on cable connection in the photo below.

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