Stop being the nice guy dating Lotim sexs guy

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If not, what is the difference between your friends' being "white knights" and my husband?

To ask for further clarification, do you really think that people in a relationship should never help fulfil each other's basic needs?

If you lost your job or your car and couldn't do those things for her, it would not change her opinion of you. Stop being the white knight off to rescue the princess.

Instead, be the white knight looking for a lady of war to fight by his side.

Maybe the OP could clarify what you think the difference is between the situations you are seeing, and my situation?

First similar situation: is my husband a "White Knight" in your books?

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Also, those people are looking for you, because you are such a nice guy that you will do those things! You are the one who needs the validation from your significant other, and needs to feel wanted. You have everything it takes to win the affection of a strong, self-reliant woman, which is the key.

But I also know that I have plenty of good points (I won't bother listing them) despite still being a needy person who is currently nowhere near self-reliant.

I get the impression from the first post that you believe that a situation like this is just wrong, and shouldn't happen; or at the very least, a 'guy' shouldn't put up with it.

To be clear, I am not saying that all women are a certain way, or that men should not do nice things for ladies.

I am talking about very specific types of individuals, and the people I am targeting this post to, will recognize that, even if you do not.

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