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The ceiling was low and flat, decorated in the centre witli a large plaster of Paris rose. Saviour see; G^^eve not iny tender Parents dear, May Christ your comfoi't be ; And 2ve together jyray God to meet. (On the side of a Lohjer Stone.) In memory of Emma Edge, bom 27 Nov V 1817, n Kirried 31 Jany 1839, A died .

UBBARY 3 1833 00730 7967 PAEISPI OF BENENDEN, KENT ITS MONUMENTS, VICARS, AND PERSONS OF NOTE. In the compilation of this Volume, I have been greatly assisted by several gentlemen, to whom I desire to express my indel)tedness. Arcades of five bays, supported by octagonal columns, divide the nave from the aisles. V" fn inenidry of John Hakns, of this parjsli, vvlio died Dec'; 1 I'l' 18.33, aged 2() }'oai-s.

The men were at the time in rather a discontented state, and l)roke the piscina and sedilia to fragments in the night. East Kent Division 12,605 Mid Kent - 8,905 West Kent „ Total 11,972 33,482 Eastern, or St. Left Survifiii;/ bi/ /tis jirnjier Wife 2 Scms Kinl \ J)(itt,//il(3s^5E-^;^=? %\n of Mary, wife of the ahove named who departed tliis life Dec^ 20*^ 1855, aged G8 years. 35 daughter of the al)ove ; who died March 25".' 1851, aged 35 years. ^(n '^Hnuory of Richard AVells of this Parish he died Nov\ the 30" 1807, aged 72 Years. Also Sarah-Eliz'" the only Chikl of Isaac, and Mary Ha(jue, who died the 20*'.' of June 1828, Aged 18 Months. liis said wife is also l)uried here she died 29"' Sept': 1785, aged 11 years. 65 Sacred to the niemory of Thomas Johnson, of this parish ; ^v]lo (lied Dee'." 7**? [Same shield repeated.] — MS«|^2^^^s — Sacred to the memory of Samuel Hinkley of this parish, who died Fel^ruary 15*'.^ 1848, • aged 58 years. Sacred to the memory of Sarah, the heloved wife of George Hinkley, of this parish, who died May 8"^ 1876, aged 48 years. also of Julius, son of the ahove, who died April 27*^ 1873, aged 18 years. "Therefore be je nlso rendy : for in such an hour as ye tliiiik not the Sun of nuiu cometh." Matthew xxiv, 44. Affectionate ilcmembvaucc of Sarah, the dearly hcloved wife of John Feaver late of this parish, who died Fel)ruary 22":' 1871, aged (34 years. fn ^Hcmory of John Fkavkr, who (lied July 17"' 1877, aged (30 years. Thomas Knockere, Chaplain, was admitted Vicar ill July, 1420, l)ut died in less than a year. 1426 dils dam Thomaiti Knockere Capellannni ad vicariani perpetuani octd Poch de Jkniynden, ('ant Difec per liberani I'csignat dni Thuvia^ Alston nit vicarii ibid vacantem ad prcsentationeni Prioris it Convent de Cunibwc U, &G.

They also destroyed the Parish Stocks, and tlie " Lock-up." The latter was blown up, and tlie stocks XXIV CHURCH. Augustine's Division I 12,522 Isle of Thanet „ 8,045 Mid, or Med way „ 13,857 North Eastern, or Faversham „ 11,513 North Western, or Dartford „ 12,157 Southern, or Ashford „ 13,535 South Western, or Tunbridge „ 11,355 Western, or Sevenoalcs ,, Total 11,487 94,471 I « IN THE PARISH OF BENENDEN, IN THE CHURCH. (On the Glass of East Window.) %\ boiiour of (3o^ an^ in affectionate renicnibrance of bis fatber an D ntotbev 3®lb11A anb a SBBBOL Ud BIRDU) 4- (B : 1b -I- ni^cccljti. K— %\ ^^Hcmovy of John Gude, of tliis Par'n^Ji; who died Jan^ 20".' 175)3, Aged 59 Years. -, son of John, and Mary Gude, of this Parisli who died : Mairh I G"' 1832, Aged DS Years. 31 Mtu A to tlie memory of Kic HARD Mills, of Pump House, in this parish, \vho|(lepart L'd this life March 5^^^ 1845, in t]ic 82".^' year of his age. James Son of Thomas & Mary Blackwell who died March 3r M829, Aged 4 Years. Richard Namvood.] • — ^ — Ever with the Lord In fond memory of Mary Jane Burt, who fell asleep in Jesus Dec': 26*^ 1870, aged 30 years. 39 also William, father of the al)Ove, died May 20H' 1843, aged 86 years. Sacred to the memory of Sarah Rider, widow of the reverend Daniel Boy'S, born 20".' March 1784, died 4"? — s-o^iv-ai&^^e^JK — Sacred to the memory of George Goldsmith, 40 BENENDEN MONUMENTS of this Parish Bachelor who departed this life June V 1842. he was for upwards of forty years a faithful servant to M": John Richardson. Lazonby, who departed this Life Feb T 22"'^ 1829, aged 18 Years. Left Issue One Son Richard, Stop Traveller and cast an Eye, , As you are noui so once was I, As I am wjir, so you vnist be, Therefore yrcpare to j\w me. Mary duu of Jolm Mead of Tenterden.]' (10 the lueiuory of Richard AVells Streeter, who died Feb. May Angels ijuard their »letpin(j dust, Till God shall please to raise the jnst ; Then may they wake with siveet surprise, And in their Sauioiirs Image rise. their ouly son Walter, was buried in Clerkenwell chui'cliyard. 18:3G, aged 67 years, also of j NIaktha, his wife wlio died Oct'.- 24"' 1854, aged 73 years. Here lyetli the Body of Chris'.' Di VK of this Parish Yeo wlio died Aug-^.^ y" 27''.' 1729 Aged 52 Years. leaving a husl)and 3 sons & 1 daughter, to lament the loss of an affectionate wife and kind motlier. 89 ^fu '^Hcmorti of Thomas Aqsten, of this Parisli;- lie died April 1. 'i'liere ix-iiuiineth tliorcfore a rest to the pecjplc; of G! 90 BENENDEN MONUMENTS Sacred to the memory of William Jennkr, of this parisli, who Jied 24!!! His lias gone down while it wus yet day ►J" In Memoriam Thomas Hkxuy Ijuudex, born December 2".'^ 1843; iind Died at Staplehurst, January G"^'.' 1870: Leuving a wife and one son 4* Also of Oertkuhe, wife of Tiioma.s Henuv Burden Who Died March li^t'i is? leaving four daughters, (viz) Sarah-Jane, Harriett, Mary and Ellen. " God in our refuge and strength, a very ])reseiit help in ti-ouhle." Ps Ldni 46. ^fu g^ffci'tionatc ^Umcmlu'aucc ot John Rooties of tlii.s Paiisli ; l Uacksiriith, wlio Died January 2;3''' 1884 Aged 72 Years. l^l.^i O, near this phice Charles, son of the al)ove who Died January 15".' 1879 Aged 24 Yeai's.

Those who hold the foregohig view maintain that the adjoining parish of Rolvenden was derived from the very common names Rclf or Kolf, the plural of which might be Ivollen or llolveii, hence Ivolvenden. Architects, in oklen times, displayed great wisdom in the selection of sites for their Churches, and other Ecclesiastical Buildings.

(Page 3.) The study of Etymology gives ample scope for speculation, thus with the various names ending in " den," some imagine that this termination merely records the home of the family, and according to this theory Benenden would be the Den of the Benes, the name Beney being at one time common.

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