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After I've made a change in my WCF contract, I want to update the service reference on the client so that changes made to the contract is also made in the proxy.

My problem is that the proxy code is not re-generated.

The problem with deleting the service and adding it again is that Visual Studio adds a new binding in app.config (among other things) which should not be there. After saving the file, I have no trouble updating the reference until another developer updates the service reference (likely using the same workaround).

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to figure out a permanent solution to this issue.

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I made the fairly bold statement at my PDC09 talk that a Domain Service IS A WCF Service.And in the process show how to consume a Domain Service from a Win Forms.You can also see more examples at: Services You need: You can download the completed solution as well. The first thing we need to do is get at the data underlying service.wsdl gives you the WSDL for this service App-Web-Dish View Domain Service.svc?wsdl The rest is easy for anyone halfway familiar with WCF…

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