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There is a fun tradition on most Girl Scout Camps, that the campers can't know your real name!So you'll be given a nickname when you arrive and you'll be known by this name for the entire summer!This just so happened to be literally a week after we had our very first sex ed class.Not like high school age, look at all these STI kind of sex ed, but the kind where one of your teachers gets real somber, stands in front of you all and talks about how your body is going through changes, you're going to start to smell, and yes girls do have boobies and your dick does like that sometimes.Since 1941, 4-H Camp Middlesex is an equal opportunity provider and employer, in cooperation with the U. 4-H Camp Middlesex and UMass Extension offer educational programs, materials and employment without regard to race, color, creed, sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation and mental or physical handicap, and discrimination of any kind is prohibited.You've guessed it...they're camps just for girls!They will range in age from 5-17 and there's a real family feel to these camps with everyone getting involved in group activities.


The DSi had the capability to take photos and edit them. Well, I was in a group of friends where I was the only guy, and I found most of the girls attractive.Obviously he grabs it and immediately shouts "HOLY SHIT LOOK AT THIS", and we all come running.After about five minutes of ogling the woman, everyone jockeying for room to see it, we all hear a click and then the creak of the door being opened.Needless to say I sat alone on the bus ride home crying while playing pokemon diamond.Every year, my elementary school would send the fifth grade kids on a camping trip.

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