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Twenty-eight now, Bolte is one of 14 plaintiffs named in a class-action lawsuit that goes to trial tomorrow, alleging, in part, that the state’s sex-offender civil commitment program is a de facto life sentence.More than 700 sex offenders have been sent there in the 21 years since the program’s inception. Twenty states and the federal government run sex-offender civil commitment programs, which provide states with a way to indefinitely detain people deemed sexually dangerous.The most common are rape and child molestation, but crimes like groping, statutory rape, streaking, and, lately, sexting, are sex offenses, too.

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When Craig Bolte takes the stand in a Minnesota courthouse this month, he will tell a story that will not be easy for anyone to hear. Then, beginning at age 10, Bolte did to a younger family member and four other kids what had been done to him.

sex offender civil commitment facility have never been so busy as they were this morning.

“Guys have been on the phone left and right calling their families.

“The time is now for all of the stakeholders in the criminal justice system and civil commitment system to come together,” the judge wrote.

In response, the governor issued a statement saying, “We continue to believe that both the Minnesota Sex Offender Program and the civil commitment statute are constitutional.

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