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"Get into a rhythmic pattern, working your hands in tandem with your mouth movements to virtually double the sensation." You're most likely aware that guys have something called a prostate, but you probably didn't realize it's also a pleasure minefield.This walnut-size gland surrounds the urethra and could be described as the male G-spot.

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Then, "take his penis into your mouth, cup the scrotum with one hand and pull it away from his body," says Lou Paget, author of "Start off very gently, and ask your partner to let you know how hard he wants you to pull," suggests Paget.However, "the mucous membranes that comprise the lips have a dense supply of nerve endings," says Dr. "Plus, the skin here is very thin, so that network of nerves is closer to the surface, making it more responsive to stimulation." How to master it: Before you plant a big wet one on him, tease him by kissing him everywhere but his lips.Give him kisses all over his face and neck to build anticipation.Another pucker ploy: "Take his lower lip into your mouth, and with the tip of your tongue, lick the little nook where his lip and chin meet," suggests Paget."This region is surprisingly sensitive and often overlooked, which makes it that much more pleasurable." In the past, Cosmo's clued you in to the frisky fact that men's headlights are crammed with pleasure-receptive nerve endings, but some of you still might not be giving them the attention they deserve.

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