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He still calls women who work for newspapers "reporterettes" and women who work on television "info-babes." When he mentions Hillary Clinton on his nationally syndicated television show (produced by Roger Ailes, George Bush's former media adviser) he plays a bar of "Hail to the Chief." And he did, after all, dream up a feature for his nationally syndicated radio show known as "caller abortions," in which he got rid of tedious callers by playing a recording of a vacuum cleaner mixed with a scream. But oddly enough, beneath the bombast, there beats the heart of a romantic, the shy high school guy who rarely went out on dates, the child of the 60's who has never owned a pair of blue jeans and the insecure college dropout and couch potato who has survived two bad marriages and some lonely stretches in the wonderful world of New York dating. Field plays an ambitious newspaper reporter who betrays her sources.

The four-hour dinner gets off to a sputtering start when Mr. "In this light, you're a dead ringer for Sally Field. for all those lib guys down in Washington to hug each other and get misty and confessional, but at "21," amid the meat and potatoes, there are conservative standards. Limbaugh does not want to talk about what he does in his free time.

Limbaugh is being interviewed by The New York Times, has just ribbed his bachelor pal by remarking loudly in passing: "Well, Rush, that's got to be either a hooker or a reporter."It is not surprising that Mr.

Limbaugh inspires such dazzling outbursts of political incorrectness. L.; that's it."While the 42-year-old has become supremely confident in the studio dishing up verities of the right -- a regurgitation of his radio musings called "The Way Things Ought to Be" has been at or near the top of the New York Times best-seller list for 28 weeks -- his off-the-air personality is far less brazenly assured.

He says he asked his friend and fellow conservative William Bennett for a reading list, and has been working his way through the suggestions, including Plato and C. ' and, aside from the fact that there's this thing called a woman that you need, I haven't gotten to the point where it's something that seems like the next step I should take," he says. Now, maybe that's a result of not being in love. "In the past he has snickered blithely at feminists: "I like the women's movement . "They're trying to wipe out and shut up all the opposition. They'll never even figure themselves out."Asked whether he has a lot of noisy encounters at dinner parties in New York -- which he calls "the mecca of liberalism" -- with feminazis, Mr.

Limbaugh replies that he is not invited to many dinner parties. After all, New York loves celebrities, no matter what they are famous for."Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong," he says.

Limbaugh is now acting severely humor-impaired, to borrow one of his favorite phrases.

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But he certainly looks sheepish, a rare state for the radio and television talk-show host who has become a millionaire and conservative hero by zestfully clubbing "feminazis," "environmental wackos," Anita Hill, Jesse Jackson, Hillary Clinton, Teddy Kennedy, Mario Cuomo, homeless advocates, dolphins, spotted owls, trees, "commie libs" and "the arts and croissant crowd."A friend of his, a bond trader at Lazard Freres who is also dining at the restaurant and who knows that Mr."I had my picture taken with Marla Maples," he says, star-struck despite his own celebrity."She was very sweet."He mocks those who head for the country on weekends, even though he doesn't seem to do much in the city. His famous baritone is scratchy from a cold and he has asked for a diet cola and a box of tissues, which he uses, along with his red and white napkin, to blow his nose. Limbaugh's bluster does not reach much past his microphone.This is a digitized version of an article from The Times’s print archive, before the start of online publication in 1996.To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them.

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