Romania dating horror stories

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So far so good, OKcupid, you da bomb.-In the car, things are fine, she's talking a lot about her modeling job, which is cool, just finished finals in med school, anything that isn't an enzyme or nerve circuit is welcome.-Arrive at ice rink and race each other inside, this is fun, literally sprint in to see who can get ice skates first-Inside and she's still going about her local modeling career and all the free things the vendors and designers give her. She hasn't asked anything about me but whatever, she's cute and I don't think she has a penis.-Been skating for a while, I now know about the process of applying "runway makeup", the time constraints and approximations of changing outfits depending on the number of pieces, and how to adjust hip tilt and swing during a catwalk if your clothing piece is top heavy vs has a long train.I now know every cost approximation of at least 12 different clothing pieces from 3 designers I have never heard of.-She can't talk if she's eating, I suggest we get food.Should have ordered more than one drink.-Not too impressed with the date but I walk her to the door.She asks if I want to come in, I'm not used to dating after two long relationships but I know this is a good sign and I get excited and we go.-I meet her mother, in a bathrobe, completely unfazed by my presence.After the date, he was driving me home, did a stupid, illegal move, and got pulled over.

As I am still being all sexy-like, I casually say, "What about me?Hey, this is nice, I love cuddling, she is comfy, and she's not talking, this is of silence, she whispers, "I see demons"-"Yours are yellow" and 12 seconds-I shit myself-I learn that my demons are angry and she is scared of them (don't worry, I am too).She tells me that she has been exorcised on two occasions and it's helped a lot.He tried to pull into a driveway and hide, but they found us.Aaaanyway, they put us both in handcuffs while they searched the car.

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