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Kaname & Zero had always considered themselves enemies and rivals for the love of Yuki.

When Dipper overhears Pacifica's date being disrespectful he can't help but jump in and save the day.

Kaname tries to grab the hunters attention but will Zero notice the purebloods advances or will he fall for someone a bit closer to home?

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But what happens when one chances upon the robes of a demon prince, especially when the one who takes the robes must be the bride instead!

Go Mi Nyu once again takes her brothers place & tries to keep her identity hidden.

A visit from her aunt, her identity revealed & a night shared in passion gives a happy ending to 2 favorite characters.

In a game of survival, there's nowhere else to run but to each other.

Can the two resolve their differences and work together to defect a perfect enemy who threatens to destroy their everything?

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