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Hiphop artist Katrina Laverne Taylor, better known as Trina was born on December 3, 1978. Everyone in the Showbuzz talks about these two having a thing.To her Awards, Source Award Remix of the Year (2004) and Dirty Award Dirty Chic of the Year (2005) are the talked ones. Some even claim they dated from March, 1997 to May 1998 for more than a year.However, they were connected to each other till 2007.Trina stated that both of these two tattooed their names on their body to express their love for each other. They were remained in a relationship for three years.That same year, Trina, real name Katrina Taylor, collaborated with Lanez on the single "F*ck Love" and they are currently back in the studio together working on new music, or at least that's what one can speculate from the 15-second footage shared on Trina's Instagram page on July 27.The date of the video was also Lanez' 24th birthday, in response to which the "Diamond Princess," as she is often referred, posted a photo of she and the "birthday boy" together; shared a video clip of her singing happy birthday to him; and also shared supportive details on his upcoming album, 2016 remix of DJ Khaled's "I Got The Keys": "My swag different, jet lag different/ I dated Trina if you wanna talk bad b*tches..." And though there's an age gap between the two -- with Lanez being a newly turned 24 and Trina, 38 in December -- the Brownstone-sampled single "Say It" explains how he feels about that.

Trina was left in an awkward moment when she found Montana and her friend Khloe were dating and it was not confronted to her rather she had to find it out on the internet.

Trina shared her relationship with Kenyon Martin that ended when the basketball player started cheating on her.

She detailed about her side of the story saying she was in such a point of life where she saw herself being someone`s wife (Kenyon) but Kenyon just wanted a hot girlfriend. Trina`s recent dates include French Montana (2012-2014).

Missy Elliott is yet another R&B American Rapper with combined talent of Dancing and writing her own lyrics.

After dating an Athletic, Basketball Player she also tried out Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg.

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