Randall knife dating

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The stamp issue here grew out of comments and posts about the flood of fake Randalls. A huge number of important collectors, authors, commentators including camel-wool industry personnel, absolutely believed it was common, and many collector-quality rugs were sold with that description. However, I wish those who do collect the older knives would offer their opinions and knowledge to the discussion. The first is a model 17 Astro that he says is closely dated to late 1965. So if one is looking at a knife from the Vietnam era (say... has already been noted as the stamp geometry adopted post early 1966. Collectors of anything tend to be a conservative group, with high regard for ... Unlike Ron, it appears that these folks are unwilling to share their expertise on this forum. period for stainless knives, which is commonly thought to have lasted from about 1965 to 1969 or so. 1961-1973), it is important be aware that three different blade stamp geometries exist*. The type 2 and type 3 stamps have some similarities and it is important to be able to recognize the difference between the two ... I think Ive noticed something that will help date knives that were blade-forged before about 1966-68, and those forged after that date.This "forge-date" does not indicate when the blades were finished into knives, sheathed and sold, only when they were hot stamped with the Randall Made, Orlando, FLA trademark.

Ive chosen knives that were pretty definitely dated by certain characteristics and discussions. It is a stamp on a blade that is earlier than the date of the sheath and other knife characteristics. This illustrates how this information could be both interesting and useful Summary: From earliest, the Randall stamp on the blade remained seemingly unchanged.I hope that folks would put whatever petty quarrels, old grudges and misconceptions they may have, and would cease to be intimidated from participating here . The beautiful package above was the catalyst for publishing the use of the stamp change to identify age. or else some significant errors in date estimation can be made. I can only repeat that this forum remains a place where everyone is welcome to participate. David Moose, there probably isn't that much to discuss, other than date of the stamp change. Found pic model 1 with last varient of brown macarta, late '65-early '66 with "newer" stamp. The combination above has a pre-1963 brown button sheath with a knife that is post ? This is an example of the value of recognizing the date of the stamp change for those collectors who are most interested in the Vietnam era. Type 1, used prior to 1966 has been previously discussed. SMKW has a vast collection of small quantities of high quality antique collectible pocketknives.In the past we've only sold these knives in our retail store due to rarity and limited quantities, but now we are making our collection of old knives available online.

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