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Qatar still held out hope for reconciliation, he said, but the blockade had caused “a very deep wound among the people” that would be difficult to heal.

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Qatar has beefed up its military, pursued deeper ties with neighbors like Iran, and doubled down on the maverick behavior that rankled its Arab neighbors in the first place, like breathlessly covering their scandals on its Al Jazeera satellite network.“We carried on; we moved on with our economy; we moved on with our life,” Foreign Minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani said this weekend at the Doha Forum, an international conference in the Qatari capital.But that demand has been a nonstarter, too.“Al Jazeera continues its business as normal,” Abdulla al-Najjar, an executive at the channel, said in an interview.The channel had been outlawed and blocked on digital platforms in the blockading countries, he said.The country’s vast wealth cushioned the blow of the blockade.Qatar dipped deeply into its 0 billion reserve funds to establish new trading partners, build up domestic industries and, in some cases, create new ones from scratch.

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