Process of validating user id by data flow diagram

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In the return flow, the EBS adapter service sends Validate ECOResponse ABM, which is transformed by Validate Engineering Change Order List Ebiz Prov ABCSImpl into Validate Engineering Change Order List Response EBM.

In the late 1970s data-flow diagrams (DFDs) were introduced and popularized for structured analysis and design (Gane and Sarson 1979).

I wouldn't bother to expand this process to more detailed DFD as it is fairly clear what is happening in it and therefore the new diagram wouldn't add any value.

I also indicated who/what does the work in the bottom section of the process bubble, in this case the registrar.

In this case I started with the applicant, the external entity in the top left corner, and simply followed the flow of data throughout the system.

This process can be implemented as many times as possible and in any workflow state other than the released state before the change order is released in Agile PLM.I assigned this process identifier 1.0, indicating that it's the first process one the top level diagram.A common technique with DFDs is to create detailed diagrams for each process to depict more granular levels of processing.$AIA_HOME/AIAMeta Data/AIAComponents/ Enterprise Business Service Library/Core/EBO/ $AIA_HOME/AIAMeta Data/AIAComponents/ Extension Service Library/Ebiz $AIA_HOME/AIAMeta Data/AIAComponents/Application Connector Service Library/Ebiz/V1 For detailed documentation of individual EBOs and EBMs, click the AIA Reference Doc link on EBO and EBM detail pages in Oracle Enterprise Repository.For more information about using the Oracle Enterprise Repository and configuring it to provide the AIA Reference Doc link, see , "Configuring and Using Oracle Enterprise Repository as the Oracle AIA SOA Repository." EBOs can be extended, for instance, to add new data elements.

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