Prithviraj dating mumbai based journalist

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His vastly different views peak her interest and she documents his life and happenings.

Director: Venu Gopalan Mahi is nicknamed Mayavi for his ability to beat up baddies stealthily without revealing his identity. While serving time he develops a friendship with Balan, ...

Several attempts are made by his family and villagers, to recover his mental illness. Director: Jayaraaj In this interlinked story, three men (an evil politician, an eccentric cop and a former revolutionist) develop different perspectives on life due to a childhood encounter with death.

Director: Arun Kumar Premachandran, a carpenter by profession, dreams nothing but a lovely and peaceful life with his father.

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Director: Renjith Although forced into a criminal life from a young age, Madhavan is good at heart.After taking an ill-treated maid, Kanmani, into care, he realizes the need of a woman in every man's life.Director: Sathyan Anthikad The movie is based on a true story about the confession of a police constable about gunning down a Naxalite (Arikkad Varghese) in a fake encounter as per the order of his superiors in 1970.The new people he meets on his journey changes his life.Director: Jinu Abraham Set in the pre-independent India, Aloshi returns from the war to his estranged family and childhood love, only to find his elder brothers taking the side of a ruthless business man to overthrow their father.

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