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to indulge in every fantasy of theirs or to exercise self control because there is a time for everything?why then should we wonder when there is so much imorality? we lead them to it by saying flirting at a tender age does no harm..pretending to be envangelising in the process..cannot cover up for the red and green is green Let me explain crushes. Cathrine, you probably worked the age out through your own experiences and it can work for you but not everyone. A 12yr old and 14year old are 13/15 year old parents is that an indication that it's out of the question!

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I used to have many girls friends of mine as a kid but would not call it dating.

Should preteens be allowed to date, or experience innocent crushes? "'For if you love those who love you, what reward have you? And she and I would have each other discovering God more, while we are relating with our brothers and sisters with whom we also are growing in love.

(Ephesians 6:1-3) Children obey your parents as in the Lord: for this is right. So, why would get isolated just with each other, on "dates"? By denying them the ability to explore their feelings/emotions, could result in trouble later on.

and its not like they will get MARRIED or anything. i wrote a letter, she agreed and one year later i travelled to her house arived and married the next day. We as parents must do our jobs and then move back and see if all of our sturggles have paid off.

we never dated, but i can assure you that we have the greatest marriage for eleven years now. Children should not be allowed to date until roughly 16 when they can 'reason' through "do I really like ___or am I just hot for___".

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