Polish dating rituals

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Muslim customs and traditions include Islamic/Muslim clothing, food, wedding traditions and other aspects of Islamic life that Muslims have adopted in their respective countries.

Muslim culture represents the unification of all the cultures influenced by common beliefs and practices.

Men trimming the mustache growing their beards, while women wearing the hijab.

Using the right hand to eat with and the left hand for the bathroom.

Certain acts or rituals that Muslims do almost subconsciously are actually encouraged, or allowed by Allah, or mandated, in the Quran.

According to Muslim culture, marriage is, in the words of Mohammed, 'half of religion'.Arabic calligraphy is a recognized art form used to write verses from the Qur'an.As Islam spread, the first mosques to be built outside Arabia were definitely influenced by the local houses of worship and churches.The Quran does not mention many practices that are prevalent in the Muslim world today.Instead, the traditions, sayings, and stories of Prophet Muhammad and his companions provided basis for today's traditions and practices that are called the Hadith.

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