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Some shared hosting providers also have the cache on their server. Because of these tools cached version of your site expires after a specific time.

And, the newly updated site will be visible after that only.

Solution Match the pages you made the changes and the page you are viewing.

Sometimes, you overwrite the file but it didn’t get overwritten completely.

W3 Total Cache provides this with page cache functionality. There is an option that allows not to cache the front page.

As by default, the front page is cached, checking this option will not cache the front page.

CDN is a network that accelerates the content around the world via distributed edge servers. It caches the static content and stores it at all of its servers.Whenever a user comes to your site, gets redirected to host server. But if traffic is high, all the users still try to access the same single host server. Now, your user will be redirected to the nearest CDN server location.Sometimes, you made changes but the CDN content is not refreshed. Solution You mainly enable the CDN with a cache plugin. To disable, go to General settings of the W3 Total Cache plugin and uncheck the CDN Enable option.But, changes or the edits are not happening at all after saving or publishing. Let’s discuss it in detail “how to fix Word Press page updates not working”.It’s a very common problem with designers and developers or even basic users that the changes or edits they commit to the Word Press site, are not visible immediately.

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