Ovulation dating a missed miscarriage

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Not ready to try for another baby at this point so will be extra careful the next couple of days.I know after miscarriage and childbirth lots of women experience painful ovulation, but the fact that it's only on one side seems strange to me.

It's normal for it to be on one side - the side you're ovulating from that month.

Everything passed within a few hours and the bleeding tapered to spotting pretty quickly. I had spotting at 6 weeks and suspected something was wrong but didn’t want to make the choice of waiting, drugs, etc. Went back 5 days later and its heartbeat had stopped and measured 6 weeks 4 days. I was prescribed the miso to take whenever I wanted but started bleeding two days later so somewhere about a week after baby had passed.

I stopped spotting and begin to feel more confident. The natural miscarriage was pretty terrible too to be honest. Had a heartbeat perfect for 6 weeks 5 days but it was too small and I was sure of my dates.

I often need a few rounds of misoprostol (have had four missed miscarriages with death taking place 7-8 weeks). I'm looking forward to being out of this limbo. I was 9 weeks, measuring 6 and I had a natural miscarriage.

I find for me there is no point trying before I am spotting. My bleeding started on a Wednesday, doctor confirmed it on a Saturday and then Sunday it took about 3 hours for everything to come out (I don't want to scare you but it was a horrible).

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