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If the condition is false, the update operation is skipped when merging the row into the target table.You can specify the DELETE where_clause to clean up data in a table while the MERGE statement is populating or updating it.ON Clause - The ON clause specifies the condition that the MERGE operation uses to determine whether it updates or inserts.When the search condition evaluates to true, Oracle updates the row in the target table with corresponding data from the MERGE source.The MERGE statement is designed to combine multiple operations to reduce the complexity of mixed insert and update operations.

INTO Clause - The INTO clause is used to specify the target table into which you are inserting or updating.If the column list after the INSERT keyword is left out, the number of columns in the target table must match the number of values in the VALUES clause.If you wish to insert all of the MERGE source rows into the table, you should use what is known as a "constant filter predicate" in the ON clause.If both are specified, then the order of the clauses is not important.merge_insert_clause To specify the values used for insert operations the merge_insert_clause is used.

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