Opi dating a royal jelly

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(If you want to give it more glitz, it’s so easy to slap on a glitter polish on top. ) The first time you wear this, though, I recommend wearing it by itself – there’s just something about the clean formula that really accents your nails and makes them look so put-together.

Maybe some nailphiles-in-the-making are just starting their collection. And, I think it should speak volumes that even though I do have tons of nail polishes, even I wanted to wear this baby forever! Which of the other OPI San Francisco Collection polishes are you most anxious to see me review?

Maybe I have an affinity for the Cookie Monster, but when I’m wearing blues like this, I’m over the moon, past the Milky Way, and light years from Earth. Colour Keeping Suzi at Bay by OPI is a medium, primary blue that reminded me a bit like a darker version of Essie Mesmerize, I just loved how creamy the polish looked.

I wore this for several days, and if I weren’t a beauty blogger, I most likely would’ve kept this manicure on until it chipped so badly, I’d be forced to remove it. Even though it doesn’t have the bells and whistles of a glitter indie polish, it’s this simplicity that allows the beautiful colour to shine through.

once there, you can sort by category, have/want/have, or even build your own custom kits for further organizing.

On Friday, June 14th, also known as my 30th birthday, I woke up and per usual started going through email on my phone in an effort to delay getting out of bed.

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