Okinawa japan dating sites

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Even without diving deep into the ocean, snorkelers can just swim near the coast and get up close and personal with different sea creatures.

Beach-goers are pampered by Okinawa’s impressive spread of beaches, especially special sand bars like Kume island’s Hatenohama beach – a sanctuary in the middle of the ocean.

Far-flung islands like Miyako or Daito islands are worth the flights not just for their sparkling oceans but also unique island culture.Okinawa’s vibrant culture can be experienced first-hand by attending the local festivities that are associated with customs and traditions deeply ingrained in the society.Festivals are held almost every weekend in summer from Hari, a fishermen’s festival with dragon boat races to pray for safe passage and bountiful harvest to local carnivals with passionate Eisa performances.When most people think of Okinawa, they usually picture – pristine beaches and ocean.While Okinawa is indeed an island paradise, there is much more to do on this unique island.

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