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5In July 2002, investigators acting for the bank’s shareholders (with the assistance of Dr.Hakim Ukeh – also suspected of participating in the fraud) persuaded Sakaguchi to visit New York, ostensibly for a meeting with the shareholders, where he was arrested on an international warrant issued by the Swiss government and extradited to Switzerland to answer money laundering charges. 6 In December 2002, Naresh Asnani was arrested in Miami, while en route to a meeting with lawyers acting for the shareholders, on an international warrant issued by the Swiss Government.He made his way to Mexico, where his farm-owning uncle gave him cash and money for a plane ticket.

Rempel decided to travel to London to check that the deal was legit.

They promised Nelson Tetsuo Sakaguchi a big commission in exchange for funding the contract.

The fraud was detected in February 1998 while Sakaguchi was on vacation, in the process of auditing carried out in readiness for the intended sale of the Bank Noroeste to Spanish banking group Banco Santander.

The scammers subsequently confirmed they’d collected 0,000, but were still ,000 short. You know, a bad reputation.”after being sent an e-mail on how i am surposed to have won in a lotto the shock and the horror being told ye you have won but you got to pay us first £650.00 damn how dum do i look i never give money away,, thats like paying for my phone before i get the bill… plus cant get hold of anyone even after the so called win,, if this Greek George Makronalli was 29 years old when he was invited to South Africa in 2006 to complete a lucrative deal with his new business allies.

Apparently, there was “a guy in Nigeria who had it, but another plane ticket was required”. On arrival, his host supposedly took him round on a familiarization tour of infrastructures on ground for the smooth take off of their enterprising deal.

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