New daylight savings time updating windows 2016 dating in university

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It is critical to note that, like the time zone change, the DST change only modifies the time setting you see in the notification area and does not affect the computer's UTC time or time zone.

This is readily seen with a simple test: So now we can finally answer the question about how it all affects Active Directory.

It doesn't answer all questions, but it addresses a lot of them.

Many admins have probably dealt with a time sync problem at one time or another where they have users that try to log in and get time synchronization errors.

UTC is a standard time that everyone agrees on, regardless of time zones.

It is generally considered synonymous with GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

However, don't confuse GMT with British Standard Time.

For more information on time services in Windows, check out Microsoft's article How Windows Time Service Works.

" After all, Kerberos requires any two computers authenticating over the network to be within five minutes of each other, though it is configurable in Group Policy.

But does it really affect domain controllers if the DST is incorrect?

Further more, if you have DCs in Atlanta, Seattle, Sydney and London, all in different time zones with various DST settings, how can they all stay within five minutes of each other?

To better understand this issue, let's review some basics on Windows Time Services.

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