Named slave zone not updating

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It is important to maintain the integrity of a zone file.

The serial number of the SOA record is used to indicate to secondary name server that a change to the zone has occurred and a zone transfer should be performed.

Everytime we make an update to master, master will notify slave which in turn will fetch the update, thus keeping both master-slave in sync.

In Master Slave DNS setup when a slave is created, it obtains an identical copy of all master records using zone transfer method.If the serial number is higher, the slave transfers the zone.The slave should next issue its own NOTIFY announcements to the other authoritative name servers for the zone.Master-slave have easy replication mechanism, as soon as a change is made on Master server, it notifies the slave & slave then fetches the data. Master server dns.Slave server slave.IP address IP address We have already discussed how we can create a Master server.If you have not done that already, please do that by Here, notify yes & also-notify ; will allow notification to be sent to slave server ( & slave will then fetch the updated information.

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