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The distribution of some virulence factors is related to clonal type, whereas the presence of others is unrelated to genetic background [44].

In this regard, it is important to note that there is limited information on the expression of these genes during infection. Using multilocus sequence typing (comparing the internal sequences of 7 housekeeping genes), Enright et al.

In vitro, SCVs are able to “hide” in host cells without causing significant host-cell damage and are relatively protected from antibiotics and host defenses.Because most infections among carriers occurred with their colonizing strains, colonization may confer some protective immunity if staphylococcal infection develops [43].Antibodies also appear to protect against the development of toxic shock syndrome, which occurs almost exclusively in those who lack antibodies to the implicated toxin at the time of acute illness [33]. Different strains may contain different adhesins or toxins or may differ in their ability to produce biofilms and resist phago-cytosis.Some clonal types are well equipped to cause disease across the globe, whereas others are facile at causing disease among community members.In this review, general aspects of staphylococcal pathogenesis are addressed, with emphasis on methicillin-resistant strains.

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